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The Chipmunks fuck and Chipettes voices had improved greatly in the last few days. Noticing that he had the other Chipmunk's mask, Alvin stared hard at his face. Half an hour later, and the Chipettes had reached the church where Dave and the boys were waiting for them. For the first time The Chipmunks porn meet their female counterparts, The Chipettes:Britany, Jeanette and Eleanor. Theodore was relieved that she didn't ask him for anything, he couldn't manage anything more coherent than, Uh, o-okay, as he entered. With that The Dorky Invader rushes towards Alvin, swinging his saber at him. Now it was Simon's turn to chatter nervously.Oh, uh, well, you don't have to go to the trouble, Jeanette! Well if it isn't the Chipmunks porn and the Chipettes! I would have given the task of helping you, Mistress Miller, to your daughter, Eleanor, but... Based on the strength of this special, NBC commissioned a new Saturday morning show, Alvin And The Chipmunks to air in September 1983. Simon stood and stretched.I'm afraid so.According to what we know about The Archive,its arrival here in Venice was on July 5,1612,but from what I have here,I can't find any mention of it at all.

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