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When Batman sex tries to help out, he receives strict orders from the police chief to stay away. The augmentation suit gives Terry the edge until Bruce cuts the power, then relents when Terry is about to be killed. Terry finally tracks the Joker to his lair, and finds out that in fact Tim Drake had a small chip implanted that let the Joker's personality override his own, physically transforming him into the Joker as well. The passion, the drive, the obsession, the need for justice that consumes, that is Batman fuck. NOTE: Bruce's speech on seeing witch boys, immortals, zombies and demons is true. Terry had drive, but he often wished that he had Bruce's self-discipline. NOTE: There's a Joker wanted poster in the police station. Can Batman sex find out who it is? Bruce hires Terry as his gopher, and Powers' scientists cure him of the gas' effects...by exposing him to radiation that turns him into a glowing skeletal figure. Curare returns and kills the entire Society of Assassins - save one operative, who ends up seeking Batman for assistance in defeating her. And young boy the world will know as Robin. Naked Batman Message

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