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He did not seem sad, furious, or happy with himself and the suffering he was causing not only to Dexter, but to the entire office, but mostly to Mandark. When you have lived with Dee Dee as long as I have, you learn to take precautions... He redirected the Dee Dee Bots in a full-scale assault on the Lee Lee Bots. Not it's none of your business, Dexter said, but I'm trying to make animals change into other animals with the splash of cold or warm liquid. Even the combined destructive capabilities of Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee aren't enough to overcome our present adversary. Well, be that way now, Dee Dee, but I hope you're in a happier mood later on! Mee Mee & Lee Lee nodded in agreement and ran around Dee Dee's room making the preparations. When Dexter realises the power of the potato, he redesigns his lab to work on it. Dee Dee separated one of the cans from the others and popped the tab which promptly broke off. Dexter and the Family walked off the plane and found themselves at Jusenkyo. Mandark thinks, remembering Dee Dee's first visit.

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