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Dee Dee's image pops up in Dexter's HUD (heads-up-display). Suddenly Dee Dee entered the lab once again that day, carrying a large tub of soapy but cold water. Dee Dee stood quietly, trying to hold back her tears. Dexter and Mandark mechanize the giant figures of Lincoln and Washington from the Mount Rushmore statues and wreak havoc with them. Dee Dee gritted her teeth, her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth as she pinned the brooch to the top of her ballet outfit. Dee Dee rolled her eyes and reached over work counter. Dee Dee watched in amazement as the bottle spun around on it's own. Dexter gave him a look of exasperation. Suddenly there was a knock on Dee Dee's door. Mandark followed Dexter quickly, unable to believe what was happening. Dee Dee, get out of my laboratory!

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